Terms and Conditions

Crocels News, LLC. (“We”) have adopted the OUR-ACE approach to manage and implement Our policies relating to Crocels News (this “Website”) and the services offered through it, which are reflected in the following terms and conditions. By continuing to use this Website You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Title I – We Value Facilitating Opportunity

This Website gives You the opportunity to access and interact with Crocels News, which is provided by Us to You,  through facilities including commenting on Our articles.

Title II – We Value Facilitating Understanding

Through this Website We hope to provide you with information on different issues, particularly relating to information technology, the arts, law and sciences. This information should not be considered a type of legal or other advice, which should be sought from appropriate sources such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Legal Service, or Consumers Direct. We reserve the right to add, edit or remove any comment in the interests of fairness, balance, accuracy and decency. This is to ensure that debates through the online community features on this site are not dominated by a single person or point of view so that everyone gets the chance to express themselves and hear all sides of the debate. We equally reserve the right to publish any content or communications from you or others that We think are in the public interest in order for members of the public to better understand content we produce.

Title III – We Value Facilitating Relevance

Through accessing Our Website and browsing services You are saying that the content We provide is relevant to you. We may store in on your computer a ‘cookie’, which is a way of helping Our Website remember you so We can better meet your needs and avoid inconveniences such as requiring you to re-enter your details. We operate a policy of not using pseudonyms. We reserve the right to unmask anyone using a pseudonym if it is possible for their genuine name to be identified. We operate a policy of changing pseudonyms to ‘Anonymous’ if it is not possible to ascertain the true identity of the author.

If You do not use your genuine legal identity, or otherwise use a pseudonym that can’t identify You then You agree to give up the moral rights to your contributions and for it to be assigned to Us. You agree that in the event of any dispute of any nature that may arise between You and Us, including with regards to these terms and conditions, shall be directed to Crocels News, Inc. We have a policy of requesting chillingeffects.org host all legal notices served on us, which You might wish to be aware of when contacting Us. We also reserve the right to publish articles relating to any legal notices served on Us or those that write articles for Us.

Title IV – We Value Facilitating Aspiration

We provide an excellent range of information and opinion to inform debates in various forms of media, including text, video and audio. You may make comment in the moment and then want to retract the post after experiencing doubt about your decision. Providing you notify Us within 7 days of posting that you no long wish that comment to be active  We will likely remove it. After that time, providing the opinion is not expressed elsewhere, such as in a blog linked to this site, such as through trackbacks, it becomes Our property for the purpose it was originally collected, which is to facilitate debate. Any comment or material posted to this Website, whether by Us or anyone else, should be considered to be provided without prejudice. That is, it cannot be used as evidence in a court of law, particularly where doing so would bring into question someone’s reputation, their honesty or their integrity.

Title V – We Value Choice

In the event of any discrepancy between the terms and conditions specified or highlighted on the Website, and These terms and conditions, and or such terms and conditions as are specified in the correspondence between us that the prevailing terms will be those most favourable to Us. No terms agreed between Us will be varied unless such a variation has been agreed by Us in writing. However, We reserve the right to supply to you information other than what you expected, but are of an equivalent type and quality, on the same terms which you requested them under. We believe You have a right to access all the data which you have given Us. We are happy to provide you will access to all this information to you following you sending Us correspondence titled ‘Subject Access Request‘ including two pieces of identification certified as a true copy confirming your address, name and date of birth. We will then discuss with you the appropriate means for paying the statutory £10 fee for Us to provide access this information to you.

Title VI – We Value Facilitating Expression

We endeavour to make all visitors to Our Website satisfied and reduce any barriers to them having the most pleasurable experience receiving and imparting information. We shall in so doing ensure that fair comment on Our Website is maintained  and will notify users where possible through appropriate means, if any content We post has to be removed. As the publisher of Our Website we are not responsible for any content provided to us for publication by users or other third parties. Content provided by third parties that we are not responsible for will be tagged ‘Featured News‘ if it is an advertising feature, ‘Press Release‘ and/or ‘Sponsored News‘ if the article is linked to a banner advert or other advertising scheme. Other content we are not responsible for are those marked ‘Letters to the Editor,’ which are the opinions of the authors concerned only.

Content marked ‘Election Communications‘ should be followed up using the contact details referred to at the bottom of the article, which is known as the ‘imprint.’ All other content is the responsibility of the article author, who is named at the top of Our articles. You should feel free to contact Us directly if You have had a unsatisfactory experience with Our Website and We will endeavour to put it right. Equally We would like to hear from You if you have had a particularly good experience so that We know the aspects of Our provision of information most visitors want. You acknowledge and will respect all such copyright and other intellectual property rights. We own or may own in the look and feel of the Website and its contents including any sounds, music, text, graphics, data, stills, photographs and moving images. Such intellectual property rights may include all registered and unregistered intellectual property rights of any type or nature including trademarks and community marks. In terms of the content We use that has third party intellectual property rights associated with it, we may contact the people who’ve taken photographs or other material we want to use in our coverage and ask for their permission before doing so. You are advised to refer to the licencing information at the bottom of each article before making copies or derivative works of the article in question. In situations where there is a strong public interest and often time constraints, such as a major news story relating to Internet trolling (e.g. the UK riots or misuse of the Internet by a public figure that has themselves condemned such behaviour in others), we may use a photograph or other image without clearing it with them. Such decisions are not taken lightly, and it is likely the editor-in-chief will have made the decision that the public interest criterion is met. If We use material to which You believe you own the copyright to and We have not asked for your permission, please contact Us in the first instance. We always try to give attribution to the copyright holder of content we use, as it is something we try to do, especially when using photographs. If it is not possible to make contact with a person, they do not wish to be contacted, or they have a conflict of interest in relation to the story, then our attribution to the source of the image will be provided.


Should You wish to make any complaint relating to these terms and conditions please email us at jonathanbishop@jonathanbishop.com. Any other notifications under these terms and conditions should be served by writing to Crocels News, Inc. at the following address whom can advise on your next steps:

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